Performance-Based Peak DSP

Programmatic buying built on world-class machine learning engine & optimization algorithms with 100% transparency to help you meet campaign KPIs  

Peak DSP

The leading programmatic mobile user acquisition and retargeting platform. 

 Available as a self-serve platform and as a managed service.

Prediction Algorithm

  • AI-driven algorithm that optimizes and predicts install and post-install events: registrations, subscriptions, purchases or any other action.

  • Ensures CPI, CPA and ROAS targets are hit with full transparency.

Direct Integrations

  • O&O and Direct Applications 

  • Mobile Device Manufacturers & Carrier-Based Supply 

  • Integrated with +35 of the world’s top SSPs


Full list of inventory partners HERE

Advanced Targeting

  • Lookalike Audiences based on your existing customers 

  • Access 1 Billion+ mobile profiles & 3rd party data to engage the right users 

  • Deliver campaigns that re-engage your customer base to increase retention and LTV through our Audience Match tool

Minimal Risk

  • Pay us on a performance basis, while we purchase high quality supply on CPM.

  • CPI/CPA pricing model

  • We take the risk

Fraud Prevention

We monitor potential risks such as non-human scripts, bad IP reputations and general fraud by strictly filtering all activity and employing pre-bid solutions such as IP blocker, CR, Attribution Window & more.

Supported Ad Formats

  • Leverage the richest available creative ad formats in the mobile advertising landscape.

  • Playable, Rewarded Video, Native, Video ads, Banners, Interstitial, Rich Media and more.

Buying Models

User Acquisition and Retargeting 


In-app, mobile web and desktop campaigns across multiple verticals: Gaming, Shopping, Utilities, Sports, Finance & more

Consideration and Awareness  


In-banner and interstitial video buying across high quality video marketplace by connecting to many advertisers all in one place via RTB

Integrated Partners


Ready to partner with us so that we can help you reach your mobile growth goals?

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