Multi-Channel User Acquisition 

Grow your high-value mobile users and focus on post-install conversions 

Define your goals and campaign objectives

We act as an extension of your user acquisition team. We work closely to get to know your brand, the target audience, and business objectives to ensure goals are achieved. 

Short testing period

We focus on gathering install data and for the machine algorithm to learn the high-intent user profile. Make data-driven decisions based on target audience, bundle IDs, creative size and ad formats.

Scale up

Using careful post-install analysis, we improve your user acquisition and ROI by reaching users with the highest LTV while gradually increasing scale. 

Assemble a multi-channel delivery plan

We apply our own industry knowledge and key learnings from historical campaigns to ensure we reach high-value, high-quality users. 

Daily optimizations and security checks

We ensure solid, stable and safe performance for your mobile campaign by monitoring and optimizing for what matters most – post-install actions. 

Want to boost your mobile user acquisition, customer retention and monetize your app more efficiently? Let’s drive massive growth to your mobile apps by focusing on high-intent users and creating mobile experiences that make them remember your app and encourage to take meaningful in-app actions time and time again.

Go Beyond Typical Mobile App Marketing
Growing Apps

Our powerful tools optimize post-install events in real time. Add LTV calculators, predictions based on statistical modeling and our marketing partnership with Facebook and Google - you have more than a formula for getting your apps discovered and used repeatedly; you have the keys to the newest products in the industry.  

Use the Power of Tech
ROI-Driven Tech

Unlock your app’s full potential with a unique combination of in-house data, beautiful creatives, and real-time optimization. Promote apps on Peak DSP, Facebook, Google, Tiktok, Snapchat and other media platforms. Leverage our performance platform and discover quality users via the assets of our handpicked partners. 

Tap into Our Holistic Approach
Media Solutions
Attribution Partners

Ready to partner with us so that we can help you reach your mobile growth goals?

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